At Sewlutions Embroidery, we are using the highest quality machinery and digitizing programs available in the industry. This allows for the finest embroidery designs and the most legible lettering in town.

Custom Logos

We can digitize just about anything that you hand to us. Whether it be a vector art file, a business card, or a rough hand drawn idea and make a logo/brand you can call your very own. And with the added bonus of a free stitched sample for you to view, you know you're getting what you want! It's our business to give you the highest quality embroidery for your clothing and apparel needs.

Small Business

It's our pleasure to work with small businesses! Come in or call us for your free quote and I guarantee you will be looking professional and making the most of your advertising dollars!

Team and Spiritwear

We have worked with dozens of schools over the years and know what appeals to kids of all ages. We'd like to work with your team or school too. We can offer samples for sizing your team or a display for your school before a big event so parents get to see what there is to offer.

Single Piece Orders

One of the greatest parts of our job, is that we enjoy single piece orders. It lends to our creativity, and lets you give that one of a kind Birthday, Baptism, and other Special Occasion gifts. Personalize something for someone you love today =) Single piece orders starting at $8.50. Not a bad price for a big smile and hug when you give the gift.

Bridal and Wedding

We can also make Stag and Doe T-shirts and also Bachelor and Bachelorette Party shirts! And we can add the "Bling" and "Sparkle" too!!

Come check out our samples in store.

We'd love the opportunity to meet you in person!